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You can make a real impact by donating toward the current needs in the community and through our ministry partners.  

Tree Ministries aims to meet real needs from clean drinking water, food and shelter, education and more. 

Learn about the many opportunities to make a difference below.

Food Bags

Food instability is extremely prevalent all throughout Guatemala.  Providing food bags for families in need is a very tangible way to share God's love.

Medical Care

Provide funding for needed surgeries or medication for individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc. 

School Supplies

Access to education is one of the primary difficulties for most families. Donate toward the yearly cost of educational supplies for children and teens

Home Repairs

Help address poor living conditions such as leaky roofs, dirt flooring, no electricity, no bathrooms, etc.

Feeding Programs

Donate toward the ongoing feeding programs of our Preferred Partners that provide meals for more than 500 children on a weekly basis

Building Projects

Inquire for more detailed information on projects we are currently involved in such as school construciton, church buildings, and more.

Multiply Your Impact and make a difference in Guatemala Today!

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