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Preferred Partners Retreat 2024

Each year Tree Ministries hosts a two-and-a-half-day retreat for our Preferred Partners.  This year the retreat will be held at Lake Atitlan -- a gorgeous getaway in Guatemala -- From February 8th-10th.

By donating towards the cost of the retreat you are helping to equip local leaders with further Biblical training, provide much needed refreshment, and give encouragement to press on serving the Lord. 

Investing into the local leadership of ministries in our region is at the core of what Tree ministries is all about.  Our desire is to underwrite the entire cost of the retreat for our partners.

Your partnership makes the PP Retreat possible!


Biblical Training

We work hard to plan sessions that will give our partners increased Biblical perspective and encourage them in ways to grow their own ministries toward greater effectiveness for evangelism and discipleship


For many of our partners this is the only time of year that they have a chance to get away.  Spending time with fellow brothers and sisters in ministry is essential to renewed enthusiasm for the coming year.

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