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At Tree Ministries, we are committed to faithfully supporting Christian missionaries and workers on the field.  Investing in their ministry is a joint partnership that will make a long-term impact for the Kingdom.  Meet each of our supported missionaries and Christian workers below.


Alex & Melanie Contreras

Antigua - Guatemala

Since 2008 Alex and Melanie have served in Guatemala as full-time missionaries.  Together with their 3 children, Alessa, Olivia and Jonah, they use every tool possible to make an impact on the lives of others.

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Lee & Laurel Kisman

Spokane, WA - USA

Lee and Laurel have served together in pastoral ministry for more than 40 years.  Their experience and wisdom are invaluable for administration, teaching and pastoral care with Tree Ministries.

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Maggie Edenfield

McDonough, GA - USA

After graduating in 2021 with her Masters in Athletic Training, Maggie made the move to Antigua Guatemala as a full-time missionary with Tree Ministries.

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Isabel López

Heredia, Costa Rica

After finishing my studies in Architecture in 2021, I made the decision to know the Lord through deep study of His Word at the Calvary Bible Institute in Guatemala. Now, together with Tree Ministries, I am excited to serve and love the people for whom Christ died and deliver the Gospel to them.

"Do not build houses of steel and concrete for them, but houses for me in their hearts"

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